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1. Parts, Electronics Components, and Tools
We have the best robotic parts for DIY (do-it-yourself), robot toys/ robot kits, electronics parts/ modules, mechanical parts, and machining tools.
Product Stocks : 99% our products is ready stock. You just select the parts (remember item no + quantity) and get it in 24hours after payment received & if your product not in stock, we already informed in every product pages how long the products will be available since your request.

Klinik Robot Robot Kit and Tamiya Educational
Klinik Robot Programmable Controller, Educational Development Board, Programmable IC, Communication Device, Human Interface Device, Sensors
Klinik Robot DC Motor Controller, Stepping Motor Controller, Servo Motor Controller, DC Brush Motor, DC Gearbox Motor, DC Brushless Motor, Servo Motor, DC Stepping Motor, Wheel, Caster, Omni-directional, Pulley Belt, Gears
Klinik Robot Machinary, Machine Tools, Power Supply & Accesoriess

2. Laser Cutting

Need help to produce your own robot base plate/ chassist/ boxes? Just send us drawing file (vector base drawing) - you can use inkscape (free software)/ autoCAD/ solidworks/ corel draw. Submit Form is available at bottom page.

Acrylic Robot Base Laser CuttingLaser Cut Mobile Robot Base

3. PCB Maker

We can help to build your own PCB design, please send your PCB files. Submit Form is available at bottom page.
PCB Maker service by Klinik Robot

4. Machining Workshop

Need build you own wheel shaft hub/ motor bracket, please inform us/ send us a drawing files and we will help you to build. Submit Form is available at bottom page.
Rolling Machines by Klinik Robot Machining Workshop by Klinik Robot

5. Customize Training can provide a training based on your requirements, offline training/ online training, inhouse/ outgoing training, please contact us for more details.

6. Electrical Guitar/ Bass repair

We can help you to repair broken/ distorted electric guitar and basses, you can send your stuff to us, then we will repair for you.
Repair Guitar / Basses by Klinik Robot

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