100RPM Plastic Gearmotor 90 deg. output (Double Shaft)


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BUY 10 Pcs – GET 1Pcs for FREE
BUY 2 Pcs + 1pair 65mm WHEELS (KR17059) – GET 5% Discount!
BUY 2 Pcs + 1pair 80mm WHEELS (KR17113) – GET 5% Discount!
BUY 4 Pcs + 2pair 65mm WHEELS (KR17059) – GET 7% Discount!
BUY 4 Pcs + 2pair 80mm WHEELS (KR17113) – GET 7% Discount!

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(*) BUY minimum 1 Pcs and GET 10% Discount for 1 Pair Bracket Motor (KR13112)


1. Introduction
Based on the original design by Mark Tilden for use in the B.I.O.Bugs & RoboSapien, These motors are the next generation with a variety of improvements such as dual output shafts and a lower current motor. They are very comparable to a hobby servo for power, at a fraction of the cost!

2. Specification :
Voltage = 3Volt ~ 6Volt DC

Current = 100mA ~ 200mA
Shaft/ Output RPM = 50 ~ 100
Torque = 3 Kg.cm
Gear ratio = 1 : 120

3. Dimension (in mm) :

4. Application for optional parts

a. Encoder disc (Item No. KR08111)

b. 65mm Wheel (Item No. KR17059)

c. 80mm Rubber Wheel (Item No. KR17113)

80mm Robot Wheel with DC Plastic Gearmotor

d. Plastic Motor Bracket (Item No. KR13112)

Bracket for 250rpm plastic gearmotor

100RPM Plastic Gearmotor 90 deg. output (Double Shaft)

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