360 Shaft Rotary Encoder


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360 Shaft Rotary Encoder
Item No. : KR08108

1. Descriptions :
With this 360 Shaft Rotary Encoder, you can joint into motor shaft at backside/ placing additional gear that shafted with this encoder. Easy to install.

2. Features :

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  • 360 degree shaft movement (endless rotation)
  • 20 detents points
  • 20 pulses
  • Switch rating: 10mA @ 5VDC
  • With Momentary ON switch
  • Service life: 30000 times

3. See Datasheet : click here

4. Wiring connections to Arduino :

a. Without switch/ push button connected

Rotary Encoder connect to Arduino UNO

2. With switch/ push button connected

Rotary Encoder with Switch to Arduino UNO

    360 Shaft Rotary Encoder

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