5Volt DC Passive Buzzer Alarm module


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5Volt DC Passive Buzzer Alarm module
Item No.: KR07093

A “passive” device or speaker, you have to send it an AC “sound signal” and you can control the sound. The Arduino needs to generate the “tone” with enough hardware & software you could make it play music. etc. The only downside (besides a bit of extra programming) is that it takes processor-time to generate the sound. This could be an issue if your program (sketch) is doing lots of other things at the same time (it shouldn’t be an issue in your application). A piezo speaker can be driven directly from the Arduino (probably with a series resistor). A regular (voice coil) speaker takes more current and it needs an amplifier.

Features :
1. On-board passive buzzer
2. On-board 8550 triode drive
3. Low level effectively, can control with single-chip microcomputer IO directly
4. Working voltage: 5 v
5. Board size: 22 (mm) x12 (mm)

5Volt DC Passive Buzzer Alarm module

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