Diode 1N4007


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Diode 1N4007
Item No. : KR04147

Specification :
Reverse Voltage : 1000 V    
Forward Voltage Drop : 1.1 V    
Forward Continuous Current : 1 A    
Max Surge Current : 30 A    
Reverse Current IR : 5 uA

Additional information : The table below shows the maximum repetitive reverse blocking voltages of each of the members of the 1N4000 and 1N5400 series

Voltage 1 A part 3 A part
50 V 1N4001 1N5400
100 V 1N4002 1N5401
200 V 1N4003 1N5402
300 V 1N5403
400 V 1N4004 1N5404
500 V 1N5405
600 V 1N4005 1N5406
800 V 1N4006 1N5407
1000 V 1N4007 1N5408

Diode 1N4007

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