disney pixar cars cruz ramirez’s hauler truck with 1:55 dinoco 51 cars


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Dijual dengan set die cast mobil dinoco atau terpisah (hanya truck saja).

Disney Pixar Cars Cruz Ramirez’s Hauler Playset

Mobil bengkel lipat truck dengan 5 posisi stel mobil.
Mobil kuning kecil hanya ilustrasi, tidak termasuk dalam paket.

Cocok utk diecast 1:64 (hotwheels)

Race to the Piston Cup in this Disney Pixar’sCars3 Cruz Ramirez hauler! The large Dinoco 51 sponsored truck provides two-way movie play! First as a large push around vehicle you can recreate on the road adventures, or park it and press the roof button and the side panels open to reveal a location play set! Drive the included Cruz Ramirez vehicle up the ramp. Tune her engine, test her speed, fill her tank and get ready to blast past the competition! A display case flaunts her trophies and there are multiple moving parts like a wind tunnel and a car lift. Train on the race simulator and then blast out to the next competition!

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