Hall Sensor kit


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Hall Sensor kit
Item No. : KR08132

Use 58005 IC

1. Introduction

The hall effect sensor used to measure the hall effect , this is a generated voltage electrical conductor, transverse current in the conductor and magnetic field perpendicular to the current. Hall sensor output, depending on the polarity (south) magnetic field perpendicular to the hall sensor than the bop threshold. That is to say  the high magnetic field disappeared when open the switch. This module has a protective antistatic packaging,it  can avoid the high electrostatic voltage. The whole module by hall sensor58912 , capacitance, resistance, and a diode. So, the measured data by hall sensor can be handed to the Arduino.

Dimensions: 20.0×24.2×10.6mm

2. More information

3. Schematic

    Hall Sensor kit

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