KR14012 DC 12V-36V 500W Brushless Motor Controller Hall Motor Balanced


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Specification :
Operating voltage: DC 12V-36V
Operating Current: <=15A Driver Power: <=500W Speed Voltage: 0.1V-5V Operating Temperature:-40-85C Humidity: 90%RH Stall protection:Yes Enable Control: Yes Over-current protection: Yes Steering control: Yes Speed control signal: Yes Size: 63*42*17mm(L*W*H); Probe size 3mm,length: fixing hole center distance 57mm; width:fixed hole center distance 36.5mm Power terminal Out: VCC(positive power supply) GND(negative one) MC(motor phases W) MB(motor phases V) MA(motor phase U) Set for the control side: GND control terminal ground VR the governor end 0-5V(corresponding to 10% of motor speed -100%) ZF reversing control(connected to 5V or ground can charge the motor rotation direction) M tachometer pulse output(depending on the number of motor poles corresponding to the number of pulse per revolution of the output number) EL enable control terminal(connected to 5V ot ground running then 5V, grounding the motor stops) 5V 5V control terminal HALL for the hall terminals: 5V, Hall power positive Ha, Hall signal Hb, Hall signal Hc, Hall Signal GND, Hall negative Lanjut ke : esc-brushless-motor-driver/dc-12v-36v-500w-brushless-motor-controller-hall-motor-balanced-d.

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