LM386 Sound Sensor Module Deteksi Suara KR08101


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LM386 Sound Sensor Module Deteksi Suara

This small breakout board couples with a small electric microphone by a 100x op-amp to detect the surrounding sounds, which is loud enough to be picked up by a micro-controllers Analog to Digital converter. Unit comes fully assembled as shown.

* The main chip is: LM393
* Features high sensitivity with Electret Condenser Microphone;
* Installed with power supply indicator by LED;
* Comparator output indication by LED;
* AO – real time microphone voltage signal output;
* DO – high / low electric level signal output;
* Analog quantity output;
* Threshold rollover electric level output;
* Sensitivity adjusted by potentiometer;
* Power Supply: 3-15 V DC;
* Fixture Diameter: Approx. 3mm;
* PCB measurements: (L x W): Approx. 34 x 16mm

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