Micro Magician Robot Controller using ATMEGA328 KR03020


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Micro Magician Robot Controller using ATMEGA328 KR03020
The Micro Magician robot controller is the perfect choice for small / low voltage robot projects. This low cost Arduino compatible controller is packed full of features:
Small size of just 60mm x 30mm
Supply voltage from 3.6V to 9V with 3.3V regulator and reverse polarity protection
ATmega168 or ATmega328 MCU at 8MHz
Dual 1A FET H bridge with electronic braking, current limiting and overload detect
3 axis accelerometer with 0G detection and either 1.5G or 6G full range sensitivity
38KHz IR receiver with signal detection LED
Up to 8 servos can plug directly into the controller when V+ is set to Battery
3.3V and GND outputs available for powering sensors
All I/O pins (except D4) have both male and female header pins
Status LEDs for Power, RX, TX, IR signal and D13.

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