Microcrafts Tiny Treasures to Make and Share Buku Kerajinan Tangan


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About the Author

A big fan of all things miniature,Margaret McGuireis an editor at Quirk Books. She lives in South Philadelphia.

If you’re fast enough to pin downAlicia Kachmar, you’ll find her crocheting up a storm on Etsy (eternalsunshine.etsy.com), teaching classes, or stocking the Craft-O-Tron machine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A designer, seamstress, and all-around handywoman,Katie Hatzwears many hatsand has a remarkable tolerance for hat puns. Check out her work at katiehatz.com and buy her wares at katiehatz.etsy.com. She lives in Philadelphia.

Excerpt. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


Introduction 1
How to Use This Book 3
Supplies and Techniques 81
Ideas for Modifying Microcrafts 84
Resources 85
About the Authors 86
Boats 5
Books 7
Bottle-Cap Frames 11
Bunting 13
Candy Charms 15
Cats 19
Deer Heads 21
Dogs 25
Fabric Buttons 31
Flower Pocket Pendants 33
Greeting Cards 37
Houseplants and Terrariums 43
Ladybugs, Bumblebees, and
Butterflies 47
Monster Babies 49
Owls 53
Party Hats 55
Planets 59
Porcupine and Friends 61
Ribbon Bows 63
Speech Bubbles 65
Spool Dolls 67
Teddy Bears 69
Temporary Tattoos 73
Thistle Birdfeeders 75
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini 77

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