Minimum System ATmega32 (support ISP & JTAG)


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Specifications :

1. On-board Atmega32A/Atmega32/Atmega32L.
Note : Can select different frequency external crystals through the female header

Development Board ATmega32 pinout

2. Support ISP and JTAG to programming the microcontroller

ISP and JTAG port for Minimum System ATMega32

Optional ISP Programming Modules need to have (choose one) :

a. KR03017 // USBISP Programming w/ case w/o USB Port

USBISP Programming with Minimumu System Atmega

b. KR03030 // USBASP Programming w/o case w/o USB Serial Port

USB ASP Programming for Minimum System ATMEL

c. KR03009 // KR-125 USBISP Programming w/o case w/ USB Serial Port

USB ISP Programming with Serial USB

Notes : w/ (with); w/o (without)

3. All the IO port are leaded out, including the PA, PB, PC, PD ports.

Minimum System ATMega32 Pinout

4. On-board LED indicator for power & programming

minimum system atmega32 LED power indicator

5. Power supply using capacitor filter & AMS1117-3.3 power chip, provides 800mA maximum current. Voltage supply can be plug in via :

  • Mini USB interface (Vin = 5Volt DC input, then converted by AMS1117 into 3.3Volt DC) with PA66 6-pin Switch to switch ON/OFF.
  • JP2 (Vin=4.75V~12Volt DC, fixed 3.3V, and Ground)
    Note : Input selection can be adjusted using jumper JP1.

Minimum System AVR ATmega32 power section

To provide voltage and reference voltage to adc circuit in the ATMega32 chip, available voltage pin :

  • AVCC (ADC Vcc Voltage pins)
  • AREF (ADC REF Voltage pins)

Atmega 32 AVcc Aref pinout

6. Complete pinout informations

Development board ATMega 32 pinout

Additional information

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