Monochrome LCD NOKIA 5110/ 3310 (Blue Colour Screen)


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1. Introductions
It’s a 84×48 pixel monochrome LCD display. These displays are small, only about 1.5″ diagonal, but very readable and come with a white backlight. This display is made of 84×48 individual pixels, so you can use it for graphics, text or bitmaps. These displays are inexpensive, easy to use, require only a few digital I/O pins and are fairly low power as well

To drive the display, you will need 3 to 5 digital output pins (depending on whether you want to manually control the chip select and reset lines). Another pin can be used to control (via on/off or PWM) the backlight – the backlight LEDs are wired to a transistor.

The display driver is a PCD8544 chip, and it runs at 3.3V so you’ll need a 3V supply (logic levels must be 3V to prevent damage), we supply IC 4050 including with this modules.

2. Power Requirement
The display uses the PCD8544 controller chip from Philips and were used in Nokia 3310 and 5110 cell phones. This chip is designed to run only at 3.3V and have 3v communication levels, so for 5V microcontrollers a logic level shifter is required (otherwise you could easily damage the display).

If you want to use the backlight, that can draw up to 80mA (4 white LEDs at 20mA each). The backlight pin is connected to a transistor so you can PWM all 4 LEDs at once from a microcontroller pin.

Nokia 5110 3310 LCD to Arduino UNO R3

EXAMPLES using LCD with Arduino UNO R3

Wiring with Arduino
The LCD runs at 3.3V so you’ll need to use a level shifting chip to use with a 5V microcontroller. The following will assume that is the case. If you’re running a 3.3V microcontroller system, you can skip the level shifter. We supply this module already with pin header.

STEP 1 : CONNECTING 3.3V Voltage Supply & Ground from ARDUINO to LCD & LOGIC LEVEL IC 4050


  • Connect the RST (reset) pin of the LCD (orange wire) to pin 2 of the 4050
  • Connect the CE/ CS (chip enable/ chip select) pin (yellow wire) to pin 4 of the 4050.
  • Connect the DC (data command) pin (green wire) to pin 6 of the 4050.
  • Connect Din (data in) pin (blue wire) to pin 15 of the 4050.
  • Connect Clk (clock) pin (purple wire) to pin 12 of the 4050.
  • Optional : Connect BL (BackLight) to 3.3Volt DC/ Trimpot to adjust LCD brightness.

Nokia 5110 with IC 4050


  • Arduino pin 3 (orange) goes to pin 3 of the 4050.
  • Arduino pin 4 (yellow) goes to pin 5 of the 4050.
  • Arduino pin 5 (green) goes to pin 7 of the 4050.
  • Arduino pin 6 (blue) goes to pin 14 of the 4050.
  • Arduino pin 7 (violet) goes to pin 11 of the 4050.

Installing Arduino Library : please download files at below and install it to Arduino Library folder, then start your Arduino Software – or you download it from Adafruit : (Adafruit GFX Graphics core library which can print text, bitmaps, pixels, rectangles, circles and lines, also available on github)

This Example LCD Display from Nokia 5110 LCD using Arduino UNO R3 :

Monochrome Nokia 5110 with Arduino UNO R3 Monochrome Nokia 5110 with Arduino 5110

Monochrome LCD NOKIA 5110/ 3310 (Blue Colour Screen)

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