New Zigbee Module CC2530 (1600m) 2.4GHz


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New Zigbee Module CC2530 (1600m) 2.4GHz
Item No. : KR06023

Based on TI second generation 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee network solution, newly developed Zigbee module, also known as CC2530-F256 long distance signal transceiver, is professionally designed by careful adjustment of RFX2401C, a fully integrated, single-chip, single-die RFeIC, to replace previous version ZigBee+CC2591.

By the application of CC2530-F256 (see PDF attacted), combined with TI Zigbee compatible protocol Z-Stack, this moduel can fully comply with ZigBee2007 PRO wireless networking technology and its further developments.

Reliable quality with wide temperature range. This module supports 1.6 kilometer wireless signal transmitting. With high anti-interference, it has supper strong harmonic suppression,low signal interruption and less error-code.

Easy to make functional adjustments and further developments by its IO interface connections, it supports MCU, such as 51 MCU, ARM, X86, MIPS and more for convenient integration.

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New Zigbee Module CC2530 (1600m) 2.4GHz

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