PCF8591 AD/DA Converter Modules


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  • PCF8591 AD/DA Converter Modules
  • Onboard : LDR (light sensor) and Thermistor (temperature sensor)

PCF8591 is a monolithic,single supply, low power,8-bit CMOS data acquisition devices.
PCF8591 has four analog inputs,one analog output and a serial I2C bus interface.
PCF8591 the three address pins A0, A1 and A2can be used for programming the hardware address, allowing access to eight PCF8591 devices on the same I2C-bus without additional hardware.
Input and output on PCF8591device address, control and data signals are by-wire bidirectional I2C bus serially transmitted.

PCF8591 features :
Single power supply
PCF8591 operating voltage range of 2.5V-6V
Low standby current
Through the I2C bus serial input/ output
PCF8591 by 3 hardware address pins addressing
PCF8591 I2C bus speed sampling rate decision
4analog inputsprogrammable as single-endedor differential inputs
Automatic incremental channel selection
PCF8591 analog voltage range from VSS to VDD
PCF8591 built-track and hold circuit
8-bit successive approximation A / Dconverter
DAC gain realized by an analog output


1 module chipPCF8951
2 module supportsfourexternalvoltage inputcapture(voltageinput range0-5v)
3 module integrationphotoresistorcancollectambientlight intensitybyADexact value
4 module integratedthermistor,the ambient temperaturecan becollectedbyexact numericalAD
5 module integratesaroad0-5Vvoltage inputcapture(viathe bluepotentiometerto adjust the inputvoltage)
6 modules withpower indicator(forthe modulepowerindicator lights)
7 modules withoutput indicatorDA,DAoutputinterface voltagewhen the modulereaches a certainvalue, theDAoutput indicatorwill lightboard,the greater thevoltage,the more obviousindicatorbrightness;
8 ModulePCB size: 3.6cm * 2.3cm
9 standard dualpanel, thickness1.6mm,nicelayout,surrounded by athrough-hole,aperture: 3mm,convenientfixed

Module Interface Description

This module left and right, respectively, 2-way pin external expansion interfaces, respectively, as follows:
DA : output interface chip on the left AOUT
AINO : chip analog input interface 0
AIN1 : chip analog input interface 1
AIN2 : chip analog input interface 2
AIN3 : chip analog input interface 3
Pick the right SCL II Cclock interface microcontroller IO port
SDA : IIC digital interface connected to the microcontrollerIO port
GND : module to an external ground
VCC : Power Interface External 3.3v-5v

Jumper Setup :

There are three jumpers, respectively role as follows:
Connect P4P4 :shortedcap, choose the access circuit thermistor
Connect P5P5 :shortedcap, choose the access circuit photoresistor
Connect P6P6 :shortedcap, select0-5Vvoltage adjustable access circuit

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