Power Tools Weed Trimmer Mesin Potong Rumput Mainan Anak 3th keatas


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We’re presenting to you a toy leaf Weed trimmer, a tool well known by children. It is a toy that should be in a collection of every small gardener – nothing else can clean up the garden! The design of the toy is rather simple – it’s a combination of grey and red. The toy has a nice size, it will fit perfectly in a hand of a small child. A comfortable, profiled handle will certainly improve the fun. The handle combined with the light weight of the trimmer will allow a long lasting and easy fun.

The toy is powered by three batteries AA 1.5 V. To turn the toy on, you need to press a button on the handle. The continuous press of the button will enable the pretend soft trimmers wire to spin with a combination of flashing lights and sound.

Now we’re ready to start cleaning up! The toy trimmer is a 100% safe toy. It’s been designed with small gardeners in mind and because of that, it’s been made from attested materials with no sharp edges or ends. The toy has a CE conformity certificate and it’s packed in a colourful box with an opened window.

The toy is meant for children above the age of 3.

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