RS232 (Female) To TTL Module


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Female RS232-TTL Converting Module (1 pcs)

1. Introduction
This upgraded module is installed with an LED to indicate signal transmission and converts signals between RS232 voltage levels and TTL voltage levels. It is bi-directional, where TTL signals are converted to RS232 levels and RS232 levels are converted to TTL levels. One of the great features is that the IC – MAX232 as the key component can be replaced with a new one after being over-used. In addition, no drive is needed for MCU programming, which includes STC, NXP ,Renesas, STM32, N+-2EC.

2. Specification
* Main Chip: MAX 3232
* Working Voltage: 3.0 – 5.0V
* Interface:TX RX VCC GND
* RS232 Data Transfer: Up to 120 KBPS
* Connectors: RS232 Male / Female to TTL 2.54mm header (right angle AS default for shipment).
* PCB Dimensions: 30 x 30 mm
* Lead-free / RoHs compliant

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