Tamiya 70153 Submarine Motor (without boat) KR02080


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Tamiya #70153 – Submarine Motor
Educational Construction in the summer is all about fun with submarine motors! Ever since Mabuchi stopped the production of their underwater motor years ago there have been many disappointed watercraft fans who have take the time to construct a waterproof model boat with no means to power it.

Basic Specifications

Total length: 12.3cm
The Submarine Motor features a suction cup (35mm diameter), which can be attached to containers, such as plastic bottles or under the hulls of watercraft models.
Rudder can be set for auto-steering.
Set includes type FA-130 Motor, suction cup, rudder, one sided tape and plastic disk (for sticking suction cup onto), and screws.
Maximum continuous running time: 2 hours
Requires one R6/AA/UM3 Battery (Sold Separately)

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