TS8900-K150 ICSP PIC Programming


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K150 PIC Programming already works for Windows 8, Windows 7, Win Vista also with Windows XP

Pinout Information for ICSP (pin 1 count from middle to pin 6 at the edge):

  • Pin 1 ~ Vpp (MCLR/ Reset)
  • Pin 2 ~ Vcc (5 Volt DC)
  • Pin 3 ~ Gnd (Ground)
  • Pin 4 ~ Data
  • Pin 5 ~ Clock (CLK)
  • Pin 6 ~ PGM (LVP)

PIC Microchip Family that can be programmed by this device :

PIC 10F Family : PIC10F200  PIC10F202  PIC10F204  PIC10F206

PIC 12C Family : PIC12C508  PIC12C508A  PIC12C509  PIC12C509A  PIC12C671
PIC12C672  PIC12CE518  PIC12CE519  PIC12CE673  PIC12CE674                  

PIC 12F Family :
PIC12F508  PIC12F509  PIC12F629   PIC12F675  PIC12F683 

PIC 16C Family : PIC16C505  PIC16C554  PIC16C558  16C61  16C62  16C62A 
16C62B  PIC16C63   PIC16C63A   16C64  PIC16C64A  PIC16C65 
16C65A  PIC16C65B   PIC16C66   PIC16C66A  PIC16C67  PIC16C620 
PIC16C620A  PIC16C621   PIC16C621A   PIC16C622   PIC16C622A   PIC16C71 
PIC16C71A  PIC16C72   PIC16C72A   16C73  PIC16C73A  PIC16C73B 
PIC16C74  PIC16C74A  PIC16C74B  PIC16C76  PIC16C77  PIC16C710  
PIC16C711   PIC16C712   PIC16C716  PIC16C745   PIC16C765  PIC16C773 
PIC16C774  PIC16C83  PIC16C84                 

PIC 16F Family : PIC16F54   PIC16F57    PIC16F627  PIC16LF627A  PIC16F627A 
PIC16F628  PIC16LF628A  PIC16F628A  PIC16F630 
PIC16F648A  PIC16F676   PIC16F683  PIC16F684  PIC16F688  PIC16F72  PIC16F73 
PIC16F74  PIC16F76  PIC16F77  PIC16F737  
PIC16F747   PIC16F767  PIC16F777   PIC16F83   PIC16F84  PIC16F84A   PIC16F87  
PIC16F88  PIC16F818   PIC16F819   PIC16F870 
PIC16F871   PIC16F872   PIC16F873   PIC16F873A  PIC16LF873A  PIC16F874 
PIC16F874A  PIC16F876    PIC16F876A   PIC16F877   PIC16F877A 

PIC 18F Family :
PIC18F242  PIC18F248  PIC18F252  PIC18F258  PIC18F442  PIC18F448 
PIC18F452  PIC18F458  PIC18F1220   PIC18F1320   PIC18F2220  PIC18F2320  
PIC18F4220  PIC18F4320  PIC18F6525  PIC18F6621  PIC18F8525  PIC18F8621 
PIC18F2331  PIC18F2431  PIC18F4331  PIC18F4431  PIC18F2455  PIC18F2550 
PIC18F4455  PIC18F4550  PIC18F4580  PIC18F2580  PIC18F2420  PIC18F2520 
PIC18F2620  PIC18F6520  PIC18F6620  PIC18F6720  PIC18F6585  PIC18F6680

Installation & Using Guide

1.)    First we need to install the Windows Drivers for the Prolific Chip (PL2303)

  • Download installation files (available at belows)
  • Files contains the following:

 photo pic1_zpsaeb5cd0e.jpg

  • In the extracted folder you would find the following:

 photo pic2_zpsf46a2f99.jpg

  • Okay so this folder contains the Prolific Drivers. Before you install the driver. MAKE SURE THE PROGRAMMER IS DISCONNECTED FROM THE PC.
  • Run the program “PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1.7.0”. It might take a while to install so you would have to wait for it to finish.

2.)    After we’ve installed the Prolific Drivers, next thing we have to do is to install the K150 Programming Software “PICPRO_EN”.

  • Back to the extracted folder. Look for the folder labelled ‘PIC K150 Software’. Inside you will find an installer for ‘PICPRO_EN’. Install.
  • Next you will be prompted to install and to accept the TOA and stuff. Just click yes. Make sure to take note of the installation folder location.

 photo pic3_zps2eb929f0.jpg

  • Next go back to the extracted folder again. Look for the folder named ‘DIYpack25ep’. Copy the contents of the folder.

 photo pic4_zps89e74348.jpg

  • Paste the contents of ‘DIYpack25ep’. To the installation folder location of PICPRO_EN. It should look like this:

 photo pic5_zpscbfeb63b.jpg

  • From now on you have to open the ‘MICROBRN’ shortcut instead of the ‘PIC+PRO_en’ shortcut. The MICROBRN application is a newer version of the PIC+PRO_en application.


  • Connect the K150 Programmer to the PC using the USB cable provided
  • The PC should detect the K150 as a Prolific Device and the computer will assign a COM port for it.

 photo pic6_zps9c2a0218.jpg

  • Take note of the COM port assignment. Sometimes, more common when you’re installing on a laptop, the COM port assigned will be above 9. If this happens, just open the advance settings of the PROLIFIC COM PORT and choose an available value between 0-9.
  • Open the ‘MICROBRN’ shortcut on the desktop.

 photo pic7_zps2f0fc784.jpg photo pic8_zps5632c695.jpg

  • If everything was done right, it should display the status “K150 board connected” .

Testing Video K150 with Microchip PIC 16F877A :


TS8900-K150 ICSP PIC Programming

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