Zigbee Module CC2530 (QAZ2000M)


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Zigbee Module CC2530 (QAZ2000M)
Item No. : KR06022

1. Features:
1. Create network automatically
At the first time using, when Zigbee Module power is on, the Router can search and join network automatically and all the network points will remain in the network even if the power is cut off.
2. Easy to use : Under most circumstances, two Zigbee points act just as one RS232 (or UART) cable. By using Zigbee Module, not need to have a driver or API.
3. Simple data transmission
* The data received from UART at Coordinator can send to all points automatically.
* The data received from UART at Router can send to Coordinator automatically.
* Data transceiver can be at any points, just need one instruction.

2. Specification:
1. Input Voltage: DC 5V – 12V
2. Working Temperature: -40C – +85C
3. UART Rate: 38400bps(Default), can select 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
4. Frenquency: 2.4GHz
5. Transmiter Protocol: Zigbee 2007/PRO
6. Transmiter Distance: 400M
7. Send Current: 34MA (Max)
8. Receive Current: 25MA (Max)
9. Receive Sensitive: -96dBm
10. Main Chip: TI CC2530F256, 256K Flash, Zigbee 2007 protocl
11. Measurements: 61.3 x 60.8mm


Zigbee Module CC2530 (QAZ2000M)

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